Websites: Design In Detail

Our Website Design Philosophy

To make websites aesthetically pleasing to your users, many factors are considered in the design process – graphics, layout, colors, fonts, and overall theme. The creative process begins with implementing specific ideas that will present well on electronic web pages.

Advanced Technology
Easy Navigation
Browser Compatibility
Interaction with Visitors

1. Layout

The layout is an important aspect of website design. Each page must be consistent with the website’s overall design, and just as importantly, must assist the user in easily accessing the information they seek.

2. Colors

The colors used can have a huge impact on the viewer and overall design. There are many choices for websites, from bright primary colors to pastels, muted colors to black and white, and a variety of combinations. The color scheme should always reflect the brand of your business.

3. Graphics

The graphics used in your website design should enhance the viewing experience, and can include photos of the type of pets the veterinarian treats, logos, icons, and clip art. They should be used with discretion – if the web pages become too busy, the website may take longer to load, and this can frustrate visitors. Creating fast loading, visually appealing websites is a top priority for us!

4. Typography

Typography is another important aspect of web design.  The types of fonts used will either enhance or destroy your website. The font should be easy to read, and chosen from the wide variety of fonts that are considered web safe – meaning that browsers can read them.

5. Content

Content within the website must meet specific goals presented through visuals and text. Text should be useful information relevant to the user’s search, so that they will remain on the site. Content plays a very important role in website design.  Content must also be optimized for search engines, using key words and appropriate length (please see our article on Search Engine Optimization).

6. User-Friendly

User-friendly websites create the best experience for visitors. The following information will give you an idea of some of the other technology that goes into creating a website that will enhance your business revenue.

7. Multimedia

Multimedia, such as adding video and audio components to your website, can present information to the audience quickly. This keeps the users engaged and sticking around longer.

8. Advanced Technology

Advanced technology allows our web designers to add special effects, such as movement. We are focused on keeping our clients’ websites fresh and dynamic.

9. Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation is key in preventing users from leaving your website too quickly. A properly-built website will allow your audience to easily browse pages to find the information they need. Navigational tools, such as menus, should always be intuitive to use.

10. Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is an important quality of web design. A carefully constructed website will function on multiple operating systems and browsers.

11. Interaction With Visitors

Interaction with visitors on your website can transform potential customers into long term clients. Adding a website blog, comment boxes, newsletters, and email forms, all increase interaction with the user.

At ViziSites, our professional and innovative web designers use every available tool to create outstanding websites. We work closely with our clients to fully appreciate their goals, so that we can deliver a satisfying experience and a profitable outcome. View some examples for yourself, and learn more about how we can help your small business shine online:




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