“In business it is so important to work with vendors that bring value to your practice. ViziSites proved that they were not just another vendor selling us a service, they in fact became a strategic partner in building our online presence through our newly designed website. Right from the start they took the time to really get to know us and what our practice was all about. Our client services rep spent countless hours with us while we took our time deciding on how to design our site and what worked best for us. She was there night and day and occasionally on weekends! The graphic designer helped us re-design our logo and pull elements from it to use on our site. His talent helped us keep the original design and expand upon it without having to change how our brand looked. Their Development team worked hard on the site development and patiently rolled with the punches every time we asked to make changes – which was often! And the support staff worked hard behind the scenes to support the process and make sure nothing fell through the cracks. The amazing speed at which they make things happen was impressive – delays were always on our end not theirs. It takes a great team to deliver a product of extraordinary caliber and I would highly recommend Jesse and his whole team. Thanks from all of us at Ellicott Small Animal Hospital.”