Bring a seasoned veterinary marketing professional to speak at your next event.

Co-Founder, CEO

Jesse Davis

Jesse has been in the internet marketing industry for 15+ years, starting in the .COM era when websites were the newest thing around for businesses. Now we live in a time where websites are a MUST for any business, and better yet, they serve as instrumental tools for your business’ success both in marketing and in business processes.

In his tenure, Jesse has seen all aspects of website marketing agencies and what they do (or don’t do) for businesses. He has developed a wealth of information as a sales & business leader, able to communicate clearly with business managers on ways they can improve their bottom line. Jesse loves talking all things business, corporate culture, crypto, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

  • How to Digitize Your Business Model
  • Analytics Role in Determining Your ROI
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Director of Client Experience

Cassandra Parsons

With over a decade of experience in client service and marketing, and 7 years in the veterinary industry specifically, Cassandra has honed in on how businesses can be most effective with their time spent on business and marketing goals. She has a passion for consulting small businesses on marketing, branding, efficiency, and how to use these tools in a way that fits their unique business plan.

Cassandra frequently speaks in webinars and in-person events, educating the veterinary industry on how to harness the power of modern technology in their practice in a stress-free way.¬†She’d love to chat with you on all things business, marketing, pets, food, or wine!

  • Marketing Bootcamp¬†Part 1: Lay a Strong Foundation For Your Marketing
  • Marketing Bootcamp Part 2: Diversify Your Online Marketing Toolkit
  • Use Your Website as a Tool For Efficiency
  • Branding: Designing Your Practice Perception
  • Other topics: Website Accessibility, Designing for Responsiveness, Using Analytics to Make Marketing Decisions, and more.
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