Veterinary Social Media Management Services

As the owner of a veterinary practice, you want a marketing plan that makes information easily accessible to your clients. One important aspect to consider is social media for veterinarians. Social media has become a critical marketing tool for all types of businesses, and it’s no different for veterinary practices . With the help of social media, you can expand your business in many ways, and keep up with your competition. Let’s first discuss a few platforms that are important for veterinary practice marketing today.

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Social Media Platforms

Individuals of all ages are pet owners, and one of the best ways to reach them is through social media. The following social media platforms target particular demographics so that you can reach a range of pet owners in your area.


Instagram is a leader in social media. According to HootSuite, over one billion people use the platform, with 90% of users following a business account as of 2019. Users aged 25 to 34 make up the largest audience, while users aged 18 to 24 come in at a close second. With Instagram, your veterinary practice will be well-advertised and can target these age groups through interesting posts, eye-catching Instagram stories, and more.


Twitter is another social media leader that has a target audience spanning multiple generations. The majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 34. According to Statista, Twitter’s global audience for this age group was at 38.5% as of 2019. About 21% of users are between the ages of 39 and 49, and roughly 17% are over the age of 50. With a wide age range using this platform, Twitter is a great marketing tool for vets. It’s a great space to provide tips and tricks on pet care as well as share pictures of animals at your practice.


Facebook has an estimated 2.74 billion monthly active users, according to HootSuite. The average United States adult spends about 34 minutes per day looking through Facebook. Using Facebook for social media marketing purposes allows you to reach 32% of the population! With users ranging in age from 13 to over 100, Facebook is a marketing tool that can be used by veterinary practices to get in front of pet owners of all ages. With our expertise, you’ll reach a huge audience on this popular platform.

Advantages of Social Media for Veterinarians

Social media is more than posting content, getting likes, and gaining followers. Let’s explore the essential ways that social media for vets can truly help your business grow.


Make Your Brand Known

By expertly utilizing social media for vets, your practice’s brand will become apparent to users who interact with any of the platforms you use. Branding is key because it allows your business to make an excellent impression on social media users as well as provide insights on the services you offer and the type of company you are. Your vet practice’s brand promotes recognition, sets you apart from your competitors, and generates referrals to your business. At ViziSites, our social media for veterinarians will ensure your business’s brand looks excellent on every social media platform you use.

Provide Customer Service Through Daily Interactions

All social media platforms offer the ability to interact with users. So when a potential customer asks a question on an Instagram or Facebook post, messages your business on Twitter, or comments on a TikTok or YouTube video, you can easily interact with them. You can answer questions about your services, like and respond to comments, and provide additional resources or information that users inquire about. This keeps current and potential clients engaged with your brand.

Gain New Clients

As leaders in veterinary social media marketing, ViziSites will help you gain new clientele through the various platforms you use. With consistent posting and excellent branding from our team, plus regular interaction with users from your team, your veterinary practice will attract more loyal customers.

Be a Source of Knowledge and Advice

Vet social media is also a fantastic avenue for providing helpful knowledge and advice to online users and customers. ViziSites will curate veterinary social media posts that keep people engaged and well-informed, giving tips and advice for new and experienced pet owners alike. Post topics may include things like warm and cold weather pet safety, food safety, ideas for pet stimulation, symptoms of more serious conditions to watch for, and more.

What We Offer Our Clients

ViziSites offers 2 options for veterinary social media marketing services: community social media posting and custom social media posting.

With our affordable community social posting services, you’ll have supplemental posts going up 2-3 times per week, ensuring your social pages stay active even when your team can’t get to posting on your page. These posts are created following the AVMA Calendar of events, ensuring the information going up on your page is timely and accurate. This service is available for Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re looking to step up your veterinary social media marketing even more, you may consider our custom veterinary social media service. With this all-inclusive service, our Social Media Account Manager meets with you monthly to map out the following month’s posts, and our Graphic Designer creates custom graphics for these posts that fit with your branding. With this service, you may select up to 3 platforms for our team to post to (between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

With our expertise in social media posts for vets, you can rest assured your vet practice’s platforms are helping you obtain and retain clientele. To learn more about our social media and digital marketing for veterinarians, contact ViziSites today!